My History

Getting to know me through random bits of information…

My family – I have two beautiful girls and a loving husband that I couldn’t do without.  I also have 3 sisters and their families as well as my parents living in Ohio and that I wish were closer. After having lived far, far away I came to realize just how much they all mean to me.

Farm work ethic – In my book there’s no such thing as relaxing, which creates issues when my husband and kids would prefer to get some R&R. There’s always work to be done and I can’t stop until it’s done – I guess I got that crazy work ethic from growing up on a farm. 

Amazing experiences – I love to experience things, after all life is a journey, right? I’ve loved living in several parts of the US, the UAE and most recently China. It’s been amazing to learn about so many other rich cultures both abroad and here at home in the US. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to several different countries, tried new foods and tried new things – like riding elephants, petting tigers, snorkeling in crystal clear waters, white water rafting, camping on the beach and in the desert and more.

Growing up on a grape farm in Ohio – Though at the time I hated being what seemed like far away from civilization, I am grateful for having grown up on a farm. Work is never done on a farm, it’s hard to ever get bored. My sisters and I spent our summers catching frogs and making forts. The fall was filled with sitting in trees eating fruit and nuts oh and picking grapes of course! My favorite time of year is the fall, nothing beats the smell of ripe grapes in the air and cool crisp mornings.

Discovering the art around me – I see art everywhere I look. While hiking through the woods I spend lots of time looking at colors, shapes and patterns in nature. I trace objects I see with my finger in my head to better preserve what they look like. I need to carry around a sketchbook more often, my head’s too full to keep it all stored up there.

The stars – There’s nothing like a dark, clear sky filled with millions of tiny lights. No matter where you go the stars are always there. I even have the little dipper tattooed on the nape of my neck so that I can always find my way home no matter where I may travel.

Artwork by Renee Hartshorn

Renee Hartshorn is an
artist and has been
painting all her life.

She previously worked in marketing at
Texas Instruments, Inc. She has a
bachelors of art education from The

Ohio State University and a masters

of business administration focusing

on marketing and international business

from the University of Connecticut. She

grew up on a grape farm in Ohio and

has also lived in Texas, Pennsylvania,

Connecticut, United Arab Emirates and

China. She is currently living in

Shanghai, China with her husband and 2 girls. Art has been Renee's life long passion. Though Renee's typical medium is acrylic on canvas she also enjoys drawing, pottery and stained glass.